Social Network Integration

SigBuzz makes it easy to integrate your company’s social network profiles to your employees signatures. We support Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, RSS, and more… 


With SigBuzz, your email signatures need not just be "static". With SigBuzz, you can bring life to your email signatures. SigBuzz consists of various social Email Widgets, that you can use to bring "live" information right into your email signatures:


Social Network Integration
Social Integration in Email Signatures Powered by SigBuzz



SigBuzz provides the following key social email widgets:

  • Twitter - SigBuzz can integrate Twitter right into your email signature. You can, for eg, choose to add your company's Twitter account to your email signature. SigBuzz will automatically check for the latest tweet and automatically post it in the email signatures.
  • RSS - With the RSS widget, SigBuzz automatically subscribe to your company's blog or any other RSS sources and publish the latest entry straight into your employees' emails
  • Social Icons - Giving people quick access to your social media networks can be very key in making your company more prominent in the online social area. SigBuzz makes it a breeze for you to add your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts to your email signature.