Email Widgets

SigBuzz makes it fast and easy to create beautiful and dynamic email signatures by giving you access to a wide array of pre-built email widgets. Some of our widgets include RSS, Twitter, Banner Images, Green Footer and Disclaimer.


SigBuzz has been built for Marketers. As such, we make it as easy as possible for you to be able to come up with an awesome-looking and dynamic email signature, without requiring the skills of a designer or programmer.

SigBuzz email signatures are built out of Widgets. Widgets can be reordered, edited and removed by simply hovering your mouse over the signature.


Email Widget

Email Widgets in WYSIWYG Signature Editor



Here is a listing of some of the pre-built email widgets in SigBuzz:



With the Banner Widget, you can easily add a banner image and a corresponding link URL to your email signature. You can then easily create email signatures like this:


Email Banner


Once you create your signature with a banner and a link URL, SigBuzz will automatically keep track of all the clicks that your banner generate. SigBuzz will even track which organization and country the click came from.




With the Twitter Widget, you can bring real-time updates to your company's employees emails. By simply specifying a Twitter username that you want to follow, SigBuzz will automatically look for latest tweets from this user and automatically inject the latest tweet in your email signature:


Email Widget Twitter



Social Icons

Making use of social networks to market your products and services is now becoming a pre-requisite. SigBuzz makes it a breeze for you to include social icons in your email signature. The example above shows some social icons (Facebook, Twitter, RSS, LinkedIn, YouTube) all having links to their corresponding pages.

SigBuzz automatically creates the icons for you. We have support for over 50 popular social networks out there:


Email Social Icons




SigBuzz comes with a variety of Disclaimer templates that you can choose from and freely embed as part of your email signature. SigBuzz includes the following  disclaimer templates:

  • Confidentiality
  • No Virus
  • Non-Binding
  • Personal Opinions
  • Correct Recipient

And if the above list does not fit your needs, you have the flexibility to create your own.



Green Footer

More than ever, now is the time for us to think about our environment and Go Green as much as we can. Through an email signature, we can very well spread the word to protect the environment and ask of people to start by not printing out emails.

SigBuzz makes it easy for you to include catchy Green Footers. You just select a template, we include the text and image for you:


Email Signature Footer




HTML Content

When the pre-built email widgets are not enough for your purposes, you can always create your own very customized layout and design using our HTML Content Widget. This widget basically gives you access to a WYSIWYG HTML editor, where you can include any HTML code, and even upload images:


Email html content widget