Email Signature Management

With SigBuzz, you have the ability to centrally standardize and brand email signatures and disclaimers across your whole company.


Typically, a company, without a proper tool to manage email signatures, faces problems with employee's email signatures. Even though there would be a brand and design guideline for the corporate email signature, employees seem to eventually create their own adaptations of the guidelines. So, it is not unusual for a company to face a scenario, whereby different people would be having totally different styles of email signatures:


Email Signature Problem in the Enterprise
Typical problem in a company: Employees use different email signature styles



SigBuzz solves the problem by providing you with a Cloud-based tool, where you can design and create your company's standardized email signature according to your brand guidelines. SigBuzz even helps you to come up with awesome-looking signatures by providing you access to a wide array of professionally-designed email signature templates.


Your email signature template is then stored in the Cloud (on SigBuzz secure servers), and it is then pushed to all your employees' email clients:


Standardized email signature from SigBuzz
How SigBuzz solves the problem: Signature template is stored centrally and pushed to employees



In order to be able to push the email signature templates to your employees, SigBuzz integrates directly with email clients. SigBuzz currently integrates with the following:

  • Gmail and Google Apps. So, if your employees use the Gmail website to write their emails, they will just need to install our browser plugins.
  • Microsoft Outlook. With this desktop integration, your company could be using any email system (not just Gmail / Google Apps), and SigBuzz will automatically push your email signature templates to your employees.