Email Signature Marketing for the Enterprise

Introducing SigBuzz - an Email Signature Marketing Tool for the Enterprise

SigBuzz is a new kind of marketing tool for organizations. SigBuzz leverages on traditional emails to boost up your marketing activities. 

Email is today the #1 business communication tool. An average corporate user sends 34 emails in a day.
That means if your organization has 10 people, they are all sending around 10,000 emails in a month.
And if your organization has 500 people, then around 500,000 emails are going out every month.  
Now, that's lots of emails going out! And we believe there's lots of marketing potential in here!

Imagine if you could standardize all your organization's employees' email signatures and, say, have a banner at the very bottom promoting your organization's products/services/causes. If you are an organization of 10 people, just having that small little banner there would mean that you will get at least 100 clicks in a month (assuming a 1% click-thru rate). Now, if you're an organization of 500 people you can potentially generate at least 5,000 clicks in a month just by leveraging on your employees existing outgoing emails!


Standardize email signatures

And that's where SigBuzz comes into play. SigBuzz is firstly a tool that allows you to standardize your entire organization's email signatures. Once you create your organization's email signature template, SigBuzz will then push that signature template to everybody in your organization. So, if you decide to push some marketing messages (promotional text or banner ad) through your employees signatures, you just need to update your organization's email signature template, and you're all set. Everybody will then be updated with the new signature with the promotional message. 

SigBuzz today integrates seamlessly with Gmail & Google Apps email accounts. So, if your organization is using Google Apps, then you can effectively install our Chrome and Firefox plugins. So, whenever you access your email through Gmail's web interface, SigBuzz will then automatically inject the email signature whenever you are composing an email. 

SigBuzz can also work with any other types of email accounts as well. For now we provide support for Microsoft Outlook. So, anybody using Microsoft Outlook can install the SigBuzz plugin and will then automatically be subscribed with the organization's latest email signatures. 


Get started for free

We're very excited today to launch SigBuzz for everybody to use. You can get started for Free. Once you signup, your account will be credited with 50 user licenses for Free. 

(EDIT: If your organization uses Google Apps, you might want to add SigBuzz to your domain from the Google Apps Marketplace.)


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